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Creating Plant-Forward Meals

Fruits and vegetables can provide incredibly important functions for health and nutrition! In this class we will explore how to create plant-forward meals that are satisfying and delicious. Do not fear the colorful goodness of the plant and no more steamed and tasteless vegetables! We will create incredible marinades and sauces and preparations that will make even the most stubborn meat eater crave their greens!

USAmerican Diversity Cuisine

For anyone who loves the many rich and various combinations that this melting pot of a country has created! We will explore the development of a nouveau USAmerican cuisine that integrates rather than alienates through flavors and shared meals. Let’s let food lead the way to building bridges in the face of adversity!



The most wonderful meal of the day! We will explore how breakfast is eaten all over the world and taste different variations on omelets, benedicts, pancakes and toasts. Let’s start the day in a very fun way!

Central European Cuisine

From Schnitzel and Goulasch to pelmeni and onto summer soups and black breads, we will work with recipes from Germany to Lithuania to celebrate central European specialties. With many influences from surrounding areas and delicious tastes, there is a vastness to the cuisine and cultures of these flavorful roots. Especially for winter inspiration, these practices are essential eating for anyone who is looking for some belly-warmth!


Cakes for Everyday

Let them eat cake! There are a million reasons to enjoy cake and, where I am from, cake is eaten almost every day! We will explore day to day recipes to add a little sweet love into your routine.

Specialty Pies

This isn’t your average pie class! Using spice combinations with fresh seasonal fruits and crusts that shine instead of decline, this pie class takes a classic to a whole new level! Some variations may include lavender-lemon blueberry pie on an oatmeal crust or spiced chai apple pie.


Seasonal Ferments

Fermentation is the practice of slow cooking and eating live-foods! We will explore kimchis and other pickles as well as drinks from fruit and even from bread! There is so much magic in this process and I look forward to sharing it with you.


Plant Based Curries

Spices are at the forefront of this class and how to differentiate what goes into curries from different cultures! From lemongrass-based curries to turmeric Ayurveda variations, there is a whole world of plant-based curries that can be called to all occasions! Many curries are supposed to have healing properties and plants are full of essential vitamins. What better way to serve a hug from the inside!

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