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Drawing Perspectives

Are you looking for a drawing class that tackles the difficult questions in drawing? Not just, what to draw, but: What does it mean to draw? What materials can you use to draw? How are these made and why do they work the way they do? How did drawing originate? From more traditional perspectival practices to more expressive mark-making, we will explore perspectives on the drawing practice, while learning how to draw.

Color Mixing

Color mixing got you down? Want to get that perfect color, but just don’t know how to get it just right? Come spend four days figuring it out… for good! From primary to secondary, even to tertiary colors and skin-tones (those are the particularly complicated ones) you will learn the ins and outs of how to mix just the color you are looking for and gain the skills to recreate it time and time again!

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Training the Mind's Eye: Abstraction From Observation

What does the mind see? What does an idea look like? How does one see oneself? How does a feeling appear on a page? What can shapes or words portray that direct observation cannot? In this workshop, you will be expanding the observational to include the extraordinary and delving into the means of abstraction.

Picturing Personhood: A perspective on Portraiture

Eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, chin, hair, neck, pores, pupils, shadows, form, shape, existence. What does it mean to describe the self through a visual form? When making portraits, how much is really true to life? What does a person look like if they exist as both physical and experiential forms? From one perspective, we will spend days drawing and painting the face: our own, and other’s. We will also explore how to represent a person and how people have been represented through visual art during different times in history.

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