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Visualizing Music

In this class, I share with you my methodology for designing visualized music. We will look at how several other artists also approach this kind of work and most importantly, will listen to incredible music and draw what we hear! This is a practice in the fine tuning between aural and tactile expressive abilities.

The Sound of Seeing

From drawing what you hear, to hearing what you see! During this workshop we will look at artist’s work in many different forms and create sounds and music that match. Through both group and individual exercises, everyone will gain a collaborative experience, while developing important harmonizing skills.


 Taste Workshop (with Dinner Harmony)

How do we create a harmonized eating environment, where all elements about a space work together to create a heightened experience? We will taste our way through several different combinations of working atmospheres and join together for a harmonized dinner of our own creation!

 Please Touch the Art

Let’s rid ourselves of the stigma surrounding “do not touch art”! This class will be all about materials and how to use them to create touchable interactive worlds. We will explore tacticity in all of its touchable wonders and the worlds of texture that are possible!

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