How Many Fossils are in Your Ink? And Other Answers About Art Materials. 

By exploring five common art materials within the context of their production and usage from raw material into functioning creative medium, "How Many Fossils Are In Your Ink?" will answer questions like: how to dye cloth with beetles, how are stardust and graphite similar, and why does charcoal look so velvety? 

Experiments in Natural Dyes Made From Wasted Food

Dye material exploration using resources straight from your kitchen! Have you ever wondered what to do with wasted peels, pits or skins from cooking? Why not make homemade colors? In this workshop we explore how and why this is an important artistic practice. 


Vivacious Artmaking: Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter

Seasonal Artistic Practices

Vivacious Artmaking is a seasonal artmaking workshop series where we will explore both the colors and moods of localized spaces. This will include explorations of available art-making materials, changes in light and atmospheres that might affect a practice, and environmental circumstances. This workshop encourages a direct artistic relationship with the creator’s environment and conditions to empower a holistic circular systems and adaptive approach to art making. By emphasizing environment, we will be bringing awareness to changing environments and adaptive practices for a stronger, healthier and more resilient practice.