Ocean Meditations: Drawing Water at BUEI

Taking inspiration from the water and artists who focus on water in their work, in this workshop, we will explore how to draw and represent its form through deep observation and contemplation. This will involve discussions surrounding water forms, what we see when looking at water and why these forms take shape. Through deep observation and contemplation practices, you will be encouraged to sit in meditation and appreciation of water’s structure and consider its impacts and beauty. 

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

Feb 13, 2021 from 3pm to 5pm


VIvacious Artmaking: Spring Season At SMFA at Tufts

Let’s let the lift of winter bring some springtime inspiration! Vivacious Artmaking: Spring Season is a seasonal artmaking workshop where we will explore both the colors and moods of New England spring. This will include explorations of available art-making materials, changes in light and atmospheres that might affect a practice, and environmental circumstances. This workshop encourages a direct artistic relationship with the creator’s environment and conditions to empower a holistic circular systems and adaptive approach to art making. By emphasizing environment, we will be bringing awareness to changing environments and adaptive practices for a stronger, healthier and more resilient practice